what we offer

Redemption Center

Visit our redemption center located at 280 Chase River Rd. Our goal is to make the redemption process as convenient as possible. Hand in your containers, we pay you back right on the spot. No lines or waiting at reverse vending machines. We accept all brands as long as they have the deposit symbol.


Education is the passport to the future, for tomorrow belongs to those who prepare for it today.”- Malcolm X
Eyerecycle believes in educating students about what is happening in today’s world so they can be a part of the solution. Our in-school recycling collection program offers a hand-on-approach to recycling initiatives. For a $89 start-up fee, we offer collection boxes, bags and flyer with your school logo to display for collection information. Students take on the role of counting, sorting and communicating their findings to the school. They begin to understand the value of earning money to put towards their goals. Students begin to understand how much waste is generated by their community. They learn where it goes and what steps they can take to reduce their environmental impact. Your school collects, we pick up and pay you the full redemption value. The funds are sent in 3-4 weeks which can be put into school reserves, sustainability initiatives, sports teams or any other projects.


We pick up from your business in a timely manner making beverage redemption as painless as possible. Avoid storing your containers for long wait times from distributors. You sign up, we pick up and we reimburse you for half the redemption value. Minimal sorting is required. No pick up fee. We ask that you purchase our bins and bags to get started.

Transfer Station

Collaboration with town officials is key when setting up collection sites at town transfer stations. We work with you to help establish drop off areas best suited for collection. Once implemented, residents sort their containers by materials at drop off stations located within the dumping area. We pick up and pay you the full redemption value. This is a great way to generate funds to support town initiatives.


We help to plan events that reduce waste while earning you money. We can supply bins or our services depending on our availability. Contact us for more information.


All glass, metal and plastic containers that contain 150ml to 3 liters of a carbonated beverage and 150ml to 2.5 liters of a non carbonated beverage only


Energy drink


Sports drink


Hard seltzer

Hard cider

Tea & coffee


Plant water


Not Eligible



Milk/ dairy

Plant-Based milk

Paper cartons



Large containers