Seeing an equitable way to recycle for a sustainable lifestyle

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our mission

Our mission is to make redeeming bottle deposits equitable for all. Our multi-stream recycling facility tailors our service to meet your needs. We strive to put recycling awareness at the forefront of our business by investing in educational opportunities for our youth.

Mike Stallings

CEO, EyeRecycle

what we accept


Aluminum is one of the most recyclable materials in the world. It can be recycled into other objects by simply melting it down and pouring it into new molds with some minor refinement along the way.


Currently just over half of plastic bottles are recycled globally. About 1 million plastic bottles are bought around the world every minute and only about 50% are recycled.


Glass is infinitely recyclable.Glass can be recycled endlessly without losing its quality or purity – making it a fantastic alternative to single use plastic.

what we offer

Redemption Center

We sort, we count, and you leave our location with extra cash in hand.


To join your community  keep your schools clean and sustain the environment.


Turn your scraps into cash! We help boost your bottom line while reducing your business’s carbon footprint.

Transfer Stations

We work with your town to turn your communities redeemable items into cash to fund local projects.

Our work process


Collect your redeemable bottle deposit containers in clear bags. Pack glass in cardboard boxes..

Drop Off

Bring your redeemable to our facility. We quickly count them to get you on your way.

Get Paid

We immediately pay you out for the full amount you collect.

Start a fundraiser 

Eyerecycle is committed to community involvement through supporting various fundraising opportunities. Find out how we can partner and build a fundraiser for your organization. We welcome schools, nonprofits, scouts, religious groups and many more to help raise money through bottle drives. Learn how you can start a fundraiser in your community or get involved with Eyerecycle’s mission.


This was my first time here. I found the young lady very cordially kind and very sweet. She even explained how they will come to your house and pick up recyclables. 10 full bags of bottles gets you $150.00. I will definitely be coming back here. #supportblack businesses

Rosanne Mahoney

EyeRecycle was very professional and quick with their service! I literally pulled my vehicle up and someone is always there to assist with the recycling! Definitely the best recycling agency I have been to and certainly will return!

Jimmy Pertab

I love EyeRecycle! Staff is kind, helps you recycle your cans and bottles, and you receive your cash fast!❤️❤️

Krista Stallings

Hosted bottle drive with eye recycle! Such a pleasure partnering! Looking forward to the next one.