Connecticut Redemption Center


Connecticut Redemption Center

Beyond helping our environment and keeping our community clean, recycling now comes with even more incentives. Earn cash back for your recycled bottles, and cans —all from the comfort of your home or business!

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Our Redemption Center is now open to the public. We sort, we count, and you leave our location with extra cash in hand!

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Join your community and keep your neighborhoods clean and sustain the environment.

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Turn your scraps into cash! We’ll help boost your bottom line while reducing your business’s carbon footprint.

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Offering Recycling services for government entities and working with schools to manage their recycling.

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Ho​w it Works



Sign-Up on our website using our easy sign-up form. You can specify your service option for residential, business or municipalities.  



Bag Up

We highly recommend purchasing our Eyerecycle bags or bin to store your items for pickup. Our bags have a fill line that makes sorting and counting easy and ensure you receive full credit for your returns. 

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We alert customers of upcoming pick-up times through text messages and email. Residential customers simply place their bins curbside. Business customers will have bagged items collected and pre designated area. 



Get Paid

Once we have picked up your bagged items, we sort and count your recyclables and you get paid! Payments are distributed in the form of a Check. Automatic Bank Credit will be available shortly.



Currently just over half of plastic bottles are recycled globally. About 1 million plastic bottles are bought around the world every minute and only about 50% are recycled


Aluminum is one of the most recyclable materials in the world. It can be recycled into other objects by simply melting it down and pouring it into new molds with some minor refinement along the way.

Curbside Pick-up

We offer convinent curbside pick-up for residents of our service areas. Sign-up today to have your recyclables picked up. 

Mike Stallings

CEO, EyeRecycle

Our ​Mission

EyeRecycle is a one of it's kind redemption center based out of Waterbury, Connecticut. Our mission is to provide convenient recycling opportunities and solutions for our community. 

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Start a bottle drive or fundraiser for your community or learn how you can get involved with EyeRecycle's Mission. 

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